Wealth Management Program

Wealth Management Program - referred to hereafter as the ("WMP") is an investment management platform we utilize to provide suitable clients the opportunity to invest their assets across multiple investment strategies and asset classes. 

The program includes a wide array of reporting options that we can customize so that we can provide maximum value and focus on your objectives.

All clients will receive fundamental investment planning services in order to create the investment strategies best suited for their needs. Through personal discussions and a data-gathering process we determine the client's individual objectives, time horizons, risk-tolerance and liquidity needs. We may also discuss a client's prior investment history as well as background and overall financial situation. When the client's goals and objectives are clearly established, we develop a client's personal investment policy and create and manage their portfolio based on that policy.

Your accounts will be reviewed and traded according to criteria we establish in coordination with you at inception. We can revise this criteria if your needs change.    We will monitor your account(s) to  keep you informed on matters affecting your portfolio. Though we may speak and meet with many of our clients several times a year, we strive to conduct a comprehensive review with our clients on an annual basis so that we are confident our client is deriving the maximum benefit from the relationship.

Clients may invest in one of three types of accounts through the WMP:

Advisor Managed Account

  • Client accounts may include individual stocks, individual bonds, ETFs and mutual funds.
  • Client accounts are unique - client account trading is executed based on a discretionary or non-discretionary basis. Special consideration may be given to tax sensitive issues, if needed.  
  • We trade discretionary Advisor Managed accounts based on our assessment of economic factors and the model we develop for your account.

Separately Managed Account - SMA

Many of our clients have individual (non-qualified) accounts and may be sensitive to the impact of income taxes due to the realization of taxable gains. Using mutual funds may not always serve a client's interest since they may cause the owner to "inherit" imbedded gains. These gains are taxable (and potentially very costly) even though the client didn't make a profit through the fund.

Separately Managed Accounts are stock portfolios managed by professionals that we identify, qualify and monitor on your behalf.   Because you own the underlying individual stock positions rather than a partial interest in a fund, we can assist you in better controlling the timing of gains and losses while still gaining the expertise of niche investment managers. Clients may also impose reasonable restrictions on investing in certain securities, types of securities, or industry sectors. We can also integrate more than one manager in an account if your investment strategy requires multiple individual stock managers.

We monitor these managers against objective criteria on your behalf. If an investment manager is meeting or exceeding expectations they will likely be retained on your behalf. On the other hand, they may be replaced if they do not meet expectations.

Unified Managed Account - UMA

UMA accounts are a hybrid of the SMA and Advisor Managed Accounts referenced above. These accounts combine the tax-sensitive benefits and expertise of professional individual stock management with the ability to customize a unique asset allocation strategy solution within the same account.

SMA and UMA accounts will be rebalanced based on the asset allocation model criteria we establish for your account. Individual stocks will be traded based on the professional judgement of the SMA account manager and the specific guidance that we outline to them. 

You can refer to the Wealth Management Program Firm Brochures /Appendixes for more specific information on these account types located under the About Us - Firm Brochures.

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